Our skilled technicians are able to repair or re-manufacture your old unit.

A quality service is guaranteed, whether we’re replacing or repairing your unit, based on our decades of experience and knowledge.

In addition to stocking top brands of plant cooling parts, including Komatsu and Hitachi, we also stock a large selection of Caterpillar cores and oil-resistant seals. Among the new heavy plant vehicle cooling parts available are aluminium radiators, hydraulic oil coolers and air/water cooling assembly.

Need help?

    Whatever your requirements, we can assist with ensuring you have the highest-quality plant vehicle radiators and hydraulic oil coolers. We offer a guaranteed saving on OE, experienced and professional distribution and workshop staff and a nationwide delivery and collection service to ensure your needs are met quickly and conveniently.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details of our professional, high-quality services for your generator and power plant requirements.