From heat exchangers, heaters and radiators, to oil coolers and air conditioning systems and condensers, we can supply, repair and remanufacture a wide range of heat transfer products. We’re also known as the leading generator radiator repair specialists across the entire UK!

This means that you can count on the quality of our products as well as our great customer service, across a range of industry sectors, including power plants, quarry products,  highway equipment, ships and ferry’s as well as dockside equipment and locomotives.

MRS Heat Transfer Ltd have been specializing in heat transfer products since the 1940’s, and these 8 decades of experience have allowed us to gain unparalleled industry knowledge. We have  expertise and experience in all industry areas and we take pride in our renowned top quality customer service.

We offer a variety of services here at MRS including the supply, repair and remanufacture of all manner of heat transfer products. Our ability to create bespoke equipment of the highest quality is something that helps our company stand out, and we can even manufacture units from drawings or for equipment that is no longer manufactured or available. This includes air conditioning condensers and components, heat exchangers, radiators, as well as oil coolers and intercoolers.


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Here at MRS we value customer service and that’s one reason why we have developed a leading reputation across Nelson and the wider Lancashire region. We strive to ensure that our customers are happy from the initial contact, until delivery.

From our base in Lancashire, we offer nationwide services here at MRS and this includes reliable, professional delivery of large equipment and radiators across the country. The cost of transporting such large equipment with hauliers or carriers can otherwise be staggering, and this is just another example of the quality of our customer service here at MRS.


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    We have an in-depth and unrivaled knowledge about all manner of heat transfer products and our team at MRS can provide a minute level of detail for any and all of our heat transfer products so we can be sure to help you with anything and everything you may need.

    We can resolve any issue or provide any product that you might need, here at MRS, and we are also happy to discuss and answer any technical queries or questions you may have. From industrial heating systems for ships or trains, to a simple car radiator, you can count on us to repair or replace any heat transfer product.