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Cumbria’s leading, top quality suppliers, re-manufacturers and repairers, of all types of heat transfer products. This includes Radiators, Oil Coolers, Heat Exchangers, Heaters, Intercoolers, Air Conditioning Systems and Condensers. In addition, we are generator radiator repair specialists, with the skills and experience to provide a range of services for Power Plants, Highway Equipment, Quarry Products, Ships and Ferry’s, Dockside Equipment and Locomotives.

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Our reputation for providing excellent customer service, and the highest quality products, here at MRS Heat Transfer Ltd, is something we are incredibly proud of. And we work hard to ensure that we can maintain our own high standards, so that our service is second to none. Since the 1940’s. we’ve worked in this industry, and we are one of the UK’s longest-established providers of all types of heat transfer products. With such an outstanding record, and reputation, we are the company you can count on.

Here at MRS Heat Transfer, we work across Cumbria to supply, repair and re-manufacture a wide variety of heat transfer products, including radiators, oil coolers, heat exchangers, heaters, intercoolers, air conditioning condensers and associated air conditioning components. In fact, we can even manufacture bespoke units, from drawings, for items which are no longer available.

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We strive to provide the highest quality service from start to finish. So when you contact MRS Heat Transfer Ltd, you know you’re in good hands. We care about the products we work with, whether it’s to supply, repair or re-manufacture. And we care about meeting your needs, as the valued customer. As a result, we never compromise our professional reputation.

From our centre of operations, here in the North-West, we provide a valuable and reliable service across Cumbria, and the country. As radiator specialists, we travel across the UK to meet our customers requirements, especially when dealing with larger radiator types, when hauliers and transportation can become incredibly expensive and time consuming.

Our customers continue to return to us, time and time again. That’s because we really care about the products we supply, and we have an in depth knowledge about the full range of heat transfer products available. While you can purchase car and commercial radiators from a range of sources, many of them have little to no knowledge of the products they are selling. But here at MRS Heat Transfer Ltd, we have spent decades building up our own expertise as well as the high quality service we provide. So we know and understand all of our products, in minute detail.

In addition, our skilled, professional tradesmen have the knowledge and experience to resolve all of your technical queries. Our experienced, trained staff can repair or replace any heat transfer product, from the most basic car radiator, to the most complex industrial heating and cooling equipment for ships and trains.