Aston Martin v8 Lagonda Volante

How to finish the summer season on a high note, Following a visit to the Aston Martin Heritage Centre to have the air conditioning serviced on this rare beast and get it working it still had problems with a blockage in the system, hence the a/c still did not function correctly. We were Goggled and found, to the owners disbelief he lived in the same town as us and did not have to travel far. A new hose assembly was manufactured, installed, blockage removed and the system re-charged to our clients satisfaction. Now he can travel to Switzerland on holidays in STYLE & COMFORT

1978 also saw the introduction of a much awaited Volante convertible, with a power operated fully lined hood. The V8 evolved over its long production life, more engine modifications being introduced in 1980 with the “580 series” engine, BBS wheels replacing the GKN alloys in 1983, and in late 1985 the adoption of Weber Marelli fuel injection. These “585” engined cars were notable for their flat bonnet line and were the final development of the model.