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“Hotto” The Howard Locomotive Radiator

It’s taken some time to manufacture BUT we are really proud of our achievements and the end result. Many months ago we received an email asking if we would consider restoring a radiator from a Howard Locomotive. I said ” Well considering my name is Howard we really have to try and see what we […]

Thank you for allowing us to re-manufacture your radiator for your 1967 ‘Beautiful’ TVR Tuscan

In early 1967, the first Tuscans were made, available with only the V8 engine. Recalling the performance potential of the Grantura-based Griffith, it was based on the Grantura/Vixen and was built in three different configurations between January 1967 and early 1971. The engine was a 289 cu in (4,728 cc) Ford Windsor V8, similar to […]

Aston Martin v8 Lagonda Volante

How to finish the summer season on a high note, Following a visit to the Aston Martin Heritage Centre to have the air conditioning serviced on this rare beast and get it working it still had problems with a blockage in the system, hence the a/c still did not function correctly. We were Goggled and […]

Could we look at a radiator from their 1904 Speedwell car?

We were very pleased and proud when we took a telephone call from the Moray Motor Museum in Elgin, Scotland! Could we look at a radiator from their 1904 Speedwell car, it has been repaired in the past, not entirely pleased with the repair as it has started to leak again, we did state that […]