It’s definitely a car – but what make?

Is it a bird? – a plane? – No of course NOT, it’s definitely a car but what make no one knows.

It doesn’t have a name, when we were asked if we could manufacture a radiator for a car we naturally said YES, when we asked the client what make was the vehicle, we laughed when he said – “I don’t know, I made it from spare parts I had around the garage and yard”

Our client had finished making his KIT car, had lots of donor parts left over from second hand scrap vehicles so decided to put mind to matter and produced this end result.

The donor chassis (V5 Log book) is from a pre 1960 vehicle, which means no MOT and no vehicle tax required – EVER!

We managed to solve his overheating problem, well he had no radiator to use as a donor part, so it was always going to get hot! We measured inside the radiator cowling and made one to fit from scratch.

So if you’ve got a problem, and you’re prepared to call us – maybe you too can hire the M.R.S. TEAM ?