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Extending the lifespan of your car’s air conditioning compressor

When it comes to the car’s air conditioning system, the compressor is an essential component. If this breaks down or becomes faulty, your air conditioning system is likely to stop working at all. But what are the effective options for extending the lifespan of your car’s air conditioning compressor? What are the most effective options […]

Choosing a professional team for car air conditioning servicing 

Keeping the air conditioning system in your vehicle up and running is important for a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience, particularly in the warmer months. When it comes to servicing your car’s air conditioning system, it is essential to choose a professional team that can provide reliable and high-quality services. But what are the considerations when […]

The summer is over…….

  The summer is over , but LOOK the sun still shines! how long for we don’t know, but you can be assured your vehicle is in safe hands with us here at M.R.S. Possibly the most up to date Airconditioning Specialists in Lancashire. We thank our loyal clients for the support given through these […]

Motorhome Air Conditioning

Summer is upon us, England are winning…….yeaaaahhhhhh!  and you don’t have to be close to us to benefit from our services, even if we cannot fit your vehicle in our premises, we will always do our best to look after you and your family. ” #airconditioningservices  #carairconditioningpreston  #motorhomeairconditioning

Quality Suppliers of Air Conditioning Components

the motor radiator specialists vans

” We were asked by a local garage facility if we could recharge the a/c system on a Vw Transporter and test it, they had purchased the condenser from a motor factor who had supplied them with a cost effective alternative as opposed to genuine equivalent. Upon charging the a/c system to the correct amount […]

Specialists in air conditioning around Lancashire for automotive cars, coaches/truck & bus, heavy plant and agricultural

This summer has only just started, but we work as hard as possible for each and every  client. Irrelevant of clients being a large company or small self employed. They are all important! AND When we say “ we’ll squeeze you in somehow……………………………..WE REALLY DO MEAN IT!!

On Site Air Conditioning

on site air conditioning

Our on site air conditioning service (not for automotive) is perfect for the larger applications where you would struggle to get to us! We appreciate down time costs money, so we will come to you, below is one of Bullocks luxury coaches parked up in Blackpool, while the clients were having fun we were tasking […]