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Signs that your car’s intercooler needs repairing

The intercooler in your car plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal engine performance by cooling the air compressed by the turbocharger or supercharger. Over time, however, this vital component can suffer wear and tear, which will have a negative impact on its efficiency. But what are the key signs that your car’s intercooler needs […]

Signs that your car radiator needs recoring

Recoring a car radiator involves replacing the core, which is the central component responsible for transferring heat from the coolant to the surrounding air. This is essential for maintaining the engines optimal temperature and ensuring good vehicle performance. However, over time the core of a car radiator can become damaged, and need to be replaced. […]

Winter maintenance for your car radiator

Keeping your vehicle up and running the winter is essential, but the weather doesn’t make this easy. From frozen roads to frozen windscreens and pipes, the freezing temperatures pose many risks for any vehicle. The car radiator is another factor that can be negatively affected by the cold temperatures. So what are the important steps […]

Benefits of professional radiator repair for your vehicle

The radiator in any vehicle is an essential component that can play a vital role for maintaining engine health and performance. As a result, any issues you encounter should be resolved by a professional and qualified team, like ours here at MRS. But what are the benefits of professional radiator repair for your vehicle?  What […]

Problems caused by leaking car radiator gaskets

The radiator plays an important role in any car or vehicle, allowing the engine to maintain an optimal temperature for performance. This is an essential function that can prevent overheating and engine breakdowns, but it is also reliant on several interconnected parts working in sync. One such part is the radiator gasket. But what are […]

Problems associated with aluminium core car radiator leaks

Aluminium core radiators have become a popular choice for vehicles over recent years, due to their lightweight nature and efficient heat dissipation. However, despite these benefits, aluminium radiators can experience leaks. So what are the most common problems associated with aluminium core car radiator leaks? And how can these be resolved? What are the problems […]

Extending the lifespan of your car’s air conditioning compressor

When it comes to the car’s air conditioning system, the compressor is an essential component. If this breaks down or becomes faulty, your air conditioning system is likely to stop working at all. But what are the effective options for extending the lifespan of your car’s air conditioning compressor? What are the most effective options […]