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Farmer Barley mows tractor radiator

We recently rceieved a tractor radiator for testing for possible leaks and overheating problems because Farmer ” Barley Mow ” was having troubles this year with his tractor We quickly looked at the radiator and said “SERIOSLY MR Barley Mow, you want us to test this?” ” Ok! ” said Mr Barley Mow, ” Please […]

Air Conditioning Evaporator Replacement

Over the last few years our Air conditioning side of the business has never been so busy, with the mainstream national tyre fitting companies recommending their clients to us also, we have never been so busy! When we were asked by one of the most reputable car dealers in Preston if we would remove and […]

Leyland Tiger Cub Bus

It’s great to see these classic buses around on the roads today, even if it is only for historic and preservation society use, it reminds us of the classic British Engineering skills we were once admired for. A Tiger Cub bus radiator has been remanufactured and being pressure tested with two pairs of eyes, prior […]