Engine Overheating Problems?

All too often and understandably, when our engine starts to creep up in temperature we look for the cause of the problem, but do we look for the cause of the problem or do we mask the problem by putting a plaster on it and hope it feels better?

Caravaners and boat towing people look at large electric fans to wire in to the system to keep the engine cool, overiding it with a switch so they can control when to give the radiator / engine extra cooling?

Motorsport personell tend to look at additional oilcoolers to help bring the temperature down.

Classic car enthusiasts look at advertised ” waterless ” coolant additives as opposed to traditional water and antifreeze methods commonly known as “winter coolant” or “Summer oolant”

In reality, we should be looking at the radiator FIRST!

YES, Its waht we do! YES, Its what we know about! YES, Our company has been doing it scince the early 1940’s.

BUT, if water or coolant struggles to pass through the coolant tubes in the first place, because either the tubes are badly chocked or so badly corroded with limescale, then there will be NO HEAT TRASNFER at all causing your engine to OVERHEAT.

We are always here to help have your radiator tested before purchaseing expensive products which may make no or little differnece, because if the radiator is more than ten years old in the first place, it’s more than probable that this is where the initial underlying fault is!