Signs that your car radiator needs repairing

As leading car radiator specialists here at MRS Heat Transfer, we have an extensive amount of knowledge and expertise and we can fix and repair all manner of vehicle radiators. But what are the signs that show that your radiator does need repairing?

What are the most common signs that your car radiator needs repairing?

The car radiator is an important part of any vehicle, helping this to run smoothly without overheating or breaking down. If there is an issue with your car radiator there are a number of signs that can indicate this. These include:

  • Leaks
  • Fin damage
  • Rust on the radiator
  • The temperature gauge keeps rising

Is your car radiator leaking?

A pool of green, yellow or pink liquid underneath your vehicle can indicate a problem with your radiator or the radiator hose and this can be a serious issue. If the coolant leaks completely from the vehicle this can result in your engine overheating and a potentially dangerous vehicle breakdown. As a result, if you notice any leakage you should get in touch with the experts to determine where the leak is coming from and to have this resolved as quickly as possible.

Does your car radiator have fin damage?

As a general part of wear and tear the fins on any car radiator can become bent or damaged and this can have a negative impact on the performance of the radiator. Damaged fins can limit the amount of air flowing through the radiator system and as a result your vehicle could overheat or break down. This damage can occur on the front fins if these are clogged up by debris, leaves and general dirt from the road, while fins can also be damaged by over-vigorous cleaning. If you notice that your car radiator fins are damaged you should get in touch with a professional repair team who can resolve this and ensure that your radiator is restored fit for purpose.

Is there rust on your car radiator?

Another of the common signs that your radiator may need repairing or replacing is rust on the surface. If you can see rust on the outside of your radiator, the chances are that there will also be rust on the inside of the radiator too. This can be a significant problem because if a piece of the rust mixes with the coolant this will create a thick substance that interferes with the coolant’s ability to cool your engine down, again leading to your vehicle overheating. As a result, if you notice rust you should get in touch with a professional team to establish whether this can be repaired, or if it should be simply replaced.

Does your temperature gauge keep rising?

Without even looking at your car radiator you can sometimes discern that this has a problem when you regularly check your car’s temperature gauge. This should remain around the middle of the gauge, as long as your car has warmed up. However if you notice that this just keeps on rising, this could indicate a problem or issue with your radiator and will need to be examined by a professional team.

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