Myths about car air conditioning

Air conditioning is a pretty common part of any vehicle and helps to keep the air inside the vehicle cool and conditioned. Most of us will only use this in the summer, but the air conditioning can be more helpful than you might think. There are a number of myths associated with car air conditioning units that may have a negative impact on how this function is used throughout the year. So what are these myths? And what is the truth? Well, here at MRS Heat Transfer Ltd, we are the leading car radiator and air conditioning specialists across Lancashire and Cumbria, including Lancaster, Blackpool and Blackburn; and this is our guide to the truth behind the car air conditioning myths.

What are the most common myths about car air conditioning?

Air conditioning in your vehicle might be something you look forward to in the summer but there are a number of myths about car air conditioning that could be holding you back. These myths include:

  • Air conditioning is only for the summer
  • Opening the windows is more efficient
  • Air conditioning only cools the air

Air conditioning is not only for the summer

Air conditioning might be crucial for the hot weather in the summer but it can definitely be useful all year round. In the winter for example, using the air conditioning can help to defog your windscreen quickly and easily, and it can also help when your windscreen is frozen too. In fact, using your air conditioning more regularly throughout the year can help to keep the coolant circulating to keep this system working effectively. It can also help to reduce moisture build up and prevent mould and bacteria from growing.

Opening the windows is not more efficient

You may think that by opening your windows you can cool your vehicle and you won’t need to use the air conditioning, but this is not actually more efficient. In fact opening the window can actually increase drag on your car by creating an air tunnel. This means that your car will need to use more power and fuel to drive forward at the same speed, as it battles against an increased air resistance.. While the exact amount of fuel difference will depend on the model and make of car, as well as the build, many scientists and engineers have tested the efficiency between air conditioning and opening the windows and the results show that at a speed of over 50 miles an hour, the air conditioning is more efficient.

Air conditioning does not only cool the air

While air conditioning is used for cooling the air in your vehicle, and is mostly known for its cooling, it is called air conditioning not air cooling. This is because the air conditioning system actually conditions the air, which means that excess humidity from the air will be removed, while the air is cooled at the same time. This can be very beneficial for keeping the air clean and preventing moisture from building up in the vehicle.

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